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Podcast Manager Content Kit

from Tara Reid

Flat Fee General Client Contract

from Girija Patel

Inbox Management Masterclass

from Chelsey Newmyer

Micro Audio Summit Planning Blueprint

from Wendy Breakstone

No Plan Business Plan

from Brittany Lanza

Podcast Manager CEO Hub

from Lindsey Aleson

What's Zap: Zapier x GSuite Workshop

from Mikli Feria Jorge

Podcast Agency Toolkit

from Jenny Suneson

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! First, you will put your name and email address after you click the button. From there, we’ll email you the link to the free gift page. From there, you can sign up for the individual gifts that you want!

You get to pick and choose from over 8 exclusive free gifts that are only going to be available till June 10, 2022. 

The only catch to the Profitable Podcast Manager Bundle is that you have to sign up for each individual gift after getting to the claim page BEFORE June 13, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST.

Absolutely not. Not only is that so gross, but it is highly illegal.

You will only get added to people’s email list when you claim their gift. And if you want to unsubscribe immediately, you can go ahead and do so. But trust me, they treat all of their new subscribers from the Profitable Podcast Manager Bundle like GOLD.


That is an excellent question. For most gifts, all you’ll be asked to do is put in your name and email address. However, there are some paid products that you’ll have to enter a special coupon code which you are going to get once you’re on the inside.

If any of the contributors ask for a credit card, you will not be charged. Unless you decide to purchase their bump offer. 

If you have any questions before you hit the confirm payment button, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help you out.


The Profitable Podcast Manager Bundle goes LIVE on June 6th and disappears on June 10, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST. 


Nope. You’ll get access to the Profitable Podcast Manager Bundle page until June 13, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST. Once the clock hits midnight, the FREE gifts disappear and you’ll have to pay full-price for anything you missed out on.

Excellent question. 

The reason being is that I want to make sure that the contributors and I aren’t getting our email list flooded with spam subscribers because it has definitely happened once before. By having you put in your email address here before being able to get to the gift claim page, we can almost guarantee that our email list will not get flooded with spambots.


Thanks for asking!

Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m the owner of Savvy Podcast Agency and the creator of this bundle. Nice to meet you!

At this time I’m not sure if I’ll run the bundle again next year, but I can tell you if I host this bundle again, we will not have the same mixture of gifts that we do this year. So if anything catches your eye, I would sign up now so you don’t miss out on all the amazing goodies!


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Hi, I'm Jenny!

I am so stoked to be the host of The Profitable Podcast Manager Bundle.

I have been working with VAs and podcast managers for the past 6 months to help them grow profitable and sustainable businesses and I am obsessed with it.  

So thank you so much for joining me, and let’s make this one UNFORGETTABLE event!

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