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Podcast Agency Toolkit ($97 Value)

From Jenny Suneson, Podcast Agency Owner + Podcast Manager Coach

The Podcast Agency Toolkit is perfect for you if you’re ready to uplevel your income and impact without having to add more clients on your plate. 

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About the Host

Jenny started in the online space as a VA and Social Media Manager in 2016. She loved working for herself but after a couple of years, she felt like something was missing. 

In early 2018, Jenny started her first podcast, the Savvy Social Hour and absolutely fell in love with podcasting. She continued working as a VA/SMM but her passion continued to fade. 

In October 2018, she brought on her very first podcast client on a whim after only working on her own show and fell in love with her business all over again so at the beginning of 2019 she burned her VA business to the ground and went all in as a podcast manager. 

In 2020, she scaled to the agency model and now has over 11 team members helping her serve her clients. Jenny is on a mission to help other service providers start profitable podcast management businesses so that they can experience time freedom and be able to do what they love without working 24/7. 

Want to go from burnt out solopreneur to profitable podcast agency?

Podcast Manager Content Kit ($47 Value)

By Tara Reid

The podcast manager content kit is a done-for-you content marketing solution that includes blog posts, Instagram captions, Canva templates, email newsletters, and Pinterest templates. All of these pieces of content are for you to make your own and are designed to attract clients to you and sell your services (plus build that know, like, and trust factor, too!)

Flat Fee General Client Contract Template ($397 Value)

By Girja Patel

Onboarding a new client efficiently in your service-based business has lots of steps. So be sure your contract isn’t taking too much of your time and energy. This General Client Contract will manage your business and contractual expectations from the get-go! Know what to expect as the service provider, and let your new client know the specifics of the project or retention period, too.


use code: PMB2022 at checkout

No Plan Business Plan ($67 Value)

By Brittany Lanza

This course is designed to help you create an actionable plan for the next year; no matter what life throws at you. You’ll walk away with a annual goal, and the steps you need to take each quarter, month, and week leading up to your annual goal so you’re nearly guaranteed to make it! This course, designed originally for the military spouse community, is perfect for those who’s life seems to constantly be changing course, or never goes to plan.

use code: BUNDLE100 at checkout

What's Zap: Zapier x GSuite Workshop ($77 Value)

By Mikli Feria Jorge

Make some seriously time-saving magic with Zapier and GSuite. Learn these 4 zaps: Applicant Reviews with a Click, Hands-Free Client Folders, Easy-Reference Intake Forms, One-Step Project Submissions. (Plus click-to-install templates!)

Use code: PPM at checkout

Podcast Manager CEO Hub ($47 Value)

By Lindsey Aleson

Having trouble keeping track of your leads, clients, and revenue? The Podcast Manager CEO Hub is just what you need. In this AirTable base template you will be able to track your leads, client, and income, along with being able to see which packages perform the best and how close you are to your yearly income goal!

Micro Audio Summit Planning Blueprint ($97 Value)

By Wendy Breakstone

The Lurkers-To-Leads Micro Audio Summit Planning Bundle has been created for you! You’ll get the inside scoop on how to use this new lead-generation model to grow your email list and fill your programs with engaged clients in just six weeks!

Inbox Management Masterclass ($57 Value)

By Chelsey Newmyer

Get your inbox under control once and for all! In this masterclass, you’ll learn, strategies to reach and maintain Inbox Zero, how to clean out and organize old emails, and how to create rules to help you manage your emails. We also talk about setting email boundaries so you can be more productive and focus on what really matters.

This masterclass is focused on Gmail and Outlook email services but anyone can benefit from the strategies and tools!

Use code: PODBUNDLE at checkout

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Want to set up a private podcast for your clients? Then HelloAudio is the way to go. 


This is my go-to email marketing platform. It’s really easy to use and can grow with you as your business grows. 


My favorite tool for sending contracts and essentially my entire client onboarding process. 

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